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CEO Capital Network connects CEOs of start-ups seeking capital with managing general partners of venture capital funds… only. Your project will never be accessed by brokers, service-providers, guru-wannabes and other time-wasters who have no money and no intention of investing in your project.

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Nearly every North American-based venture capital fund active in early-stage investments has at least one managing general partner with current access credentials for CEO Capital Network.

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CEO Capital Network concurs with Leonardo da Vinci’s observation that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Your completed listing will supply managing general partners of venture capital funds with all of the information necessary to determine if further investigation is warranted... but little or no minutia extraneous to this purpose.

Foundry Group Managing Director Brad Feld

On What Nietzsche Can Teach Entrepreneurs


Venture Capital Deals in 2020

$135 Million+M+

Average VC Fund Raised


VC funds

What Does Peter Thiel Think About Startup Cities?

“If we could reopen the frontier in geopolitical terms and find a way to really innovate on society, I think this would be a terrific thing to do.” – Peter Thiel

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Venture capital firms can – and do - invest in private companies at every stage of development.

The results are often explosive. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the average annual return of VC investments is an astounding 57 percent. All CEO Capital Network members as well as company listings are curated. These are genuine leaders building companies with competitive advantages in markets large enough to support a liquidity event.
Dan Levitan

FOUNDER, of Maveron Venture capital company

“There are lots of ways to make money in venture capital… and there are even more ways to be mediocre. The industry has too much money and too many smart people chasing too few great entrepreneurs.”  4

Fred Wilson

Venture capitalist and blogger

“All markets have boom and bust cycles and the venture capital market has even more exaggerated boom and bust cycles.”  4

Juan Enriquez

Academic, businessman, author, and speaker

“Venture capital is about .02% of the U.S. economy invested, and it accounts for 11% of total U.S. jobs and 21% of U.S. economic output. And the reason why is because these companies can get very big, very quickly.”  4

Edward Suh

FOUNDER, of Goodwater Capital

“Besides former entrepreneurs, a number of VCs come from finance backgrounds (mostly ex-investment bankers). The common thread that I've seen between VCs of any background is that they bring some useful combination of operational experience, domain expertise and contacts.”  4

Join 500,000+ people who already use CEO Capital Network to find startup investment opportunities.

CEO Capital Network is filled with investors and entrepreneurs that are passionate about building future innovation. They are accomplished individuals that invest in each other, support the community, and share their strengths to make the collective stronger. We are built by people like you.
Brian Shimmerlik

FOUNDER, VENGO · raised $700,000

“CEO Capital Network raised me over $700k quickly, enabling me to spend less time fundraising and more time running my business.”  4

Michael Dunworth

FOUNDER, Snapcard · raised $675,000

“Any founder that doesn't use CEO Capital Network is missing the boat, literally. There's not one excuse I could hear that justifies not using the platform. Raising capital is the most time consuming exercise for a founder and it comes usually at the most important times of early stage companies. ”  4

William Santana Li

FOUNDER, KNIGHTSCOPE · raised $2,000,000

“For those entrepreneurs seeking a 48-hour clock because there is just not enough time in the day, you need to seriously consider having the CEO Capital Network team give you back some time so you can focus on building your dreams.”  4

Jan Goetgeluk

FOUNDER, Virtuix · raised $7,300,000

“Even I didn’t expect such a groundswell of support going into this whole process. Just the sheer volume of people and interest that seem to be within reach through equity crowdfunding is remarkable and very promising.”  4

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